Super Chicken Jumper Mod Apk 2.5.6 Unlimited Money

Super Chicken Jumper Mod Apk 2.5.6 Unlimited Money

5.0 (2k)Action, Games

App Information of Super Chicken Jumper

App Name Super Chicken Jumper v2.5.6
Genre Action, Games
Latest Version2.5.6
Get it On Google Play
UpdateMay 23, 2023
Package Namecom.sewercat.superchickenjumper
Rating 5.0 ( 2k )

Description of Super Chicken Jumper

Super Chicken Jumper Mod Apk 2.5.6 Unlimited Money – Super Chicken Jumper is an exciting and addictive Android game that takes players on an eggciting adventure through various challenging levels. Developed by a creative team at Gaming Studios, this game offers a unique and enjoyable experience that will keep players hooked for hours.


The gameplay in Super Chicken Jumper is simple yet engaging. As the name suggests, you control a brave little chicken who must navigate through a series of platforms and obstacles to reach the highest point in each level. The controls are intuitive, with easy-to-use touch buttons for jumping and moving left or right. The game’s physics feel responsive, making it satisfying to navigate the chicken through tight spots and avoid hazards.

The levels are well-designed, with a good balance of difficulty and creativity. Each level presents new challenges, such as moving platforms, spikes, and enemy creatures. The game progressively becomes more challenging as you advance, keeping you engaged and motivated to improve your skills. Additionally, there are power-ups and collectibles scattered throughout the levels, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy.

Graphics and Sound

Super Chicken Jumper boasts vibrant and colorful graphics that perfectly complement its cheerful and lighthearted theme. The character designs are cute and charming, making the chicken a lovable protagonist. The backgrounds are well-drawn, with attention to detail, and each level features a unique visual style, keeping the game visually appealing throughout.

The sound effects and background music enhance the overall experience. The cheerful tunes and sound effects match the game’s upbeat atmosphere, creating an immersive environment. However, some players may find the background music repetitive after extended gameplay sessions, and the option to customize the soundtrack would be a welcome addition.

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How to play

Playing Super Chicken Jumper is simple and intuitive. Here’s a guide on how to play the game:

  1. Launch the Game: Open the Super Chicken Jumper app on your Android device.
  2. Select a Level: Choose a level or world you want to play. If you’re just starting, you may begin with the first level or the tutorial level to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics.
  3. Understand the Controls: The game utilizes touch controls. Here are the basic controls:
    • Tap on the screen to make the chicken jump. The longer you hold your finger on the screen, the higher the chicken will jump.
    • Swipe left or right on the screen to move the chicken in the respective direction.
  4. Navigate the Level: The objective is to guide the chicken through the level and reach the highest point possible. The chicken will automatically move forward, so your main focus is on jumping and avoiding obstacles.
  5. Avoid Obstacles: Watch out for various obstacles and hazards, such as moving platforms, spikes, or enemy creatures. Timing is crucial! Jump over or maneuver around them to avoid getting hit. Some levels may require precise jumps or quick reflexes to overcome certain obstacles.
  6. Collect Power-ups and Items: Along the way, keep an eye out for power-ups and collectible items. These can enhance your abilities, provide temporary advantages, or increase your score. To collect them, simply touch or collide with them as you move through the level.
  7. Reach the Goal: Progress through the level by successfully navigating the platforms and avoiding obstacles. Your goal is to reach the highest point or complete the designated objective of the level.
  8. Repeat and Improve: If you fail to reach the goal or lose a life, don’t worry! You can retry the level as many times as needed. Learn from your mistakes, improve your timing and accuracy, and aim to achieve higher scores or complete levels more efficiently.
  9. Unlock New Levels and Worlds: As you progress and successfully complete levels, you may unlock new levels or worlds within the game. Explore new challenges, environments, and obstacles as you advance.

Game Features

Super Chicken Jumper offers a variety of features that enhance the gameplay experience. Here are some notable features of the game:

  1. Challenging Levels: The game presents a series of increasingly difficult levels that test your platforming skills. Each level is designed with unique obstacles, such as moving platforms, spikes, and enemy creatures, providing a fresh challenge at every stage.
  2. Power-ups and Collectibles: Throughout the levels, you’ll come across power-ups and collectible items that can aid you in your adventure. These can include speed boosts, invincibility, extra lives, or bonus points. Strategically collecting these items adds an extra layer of excitement and helps you progress through the game.
  3. Multiple Worlds: Super Chicken Jumper features different worlds, each with its own theme and set of levels. Each world introduces new visuals, obstacles, and challenges, ensuring a diverse and engaging gameplay experience.
  4. Leaderboard and Achievements: The game includes a leaderboard that allows you to compete with your friends and players from around the world. You can strive to achieve high scores and climb the ranks, adding a competitive element to the game. Additionally, there are achievements to unlock, providing additional goals to strive for.
  5. Customization Options: Super Chicken Jumper offers customization options to personalize your gameplay experience. You may be able to unlock and choose different characters, each with their own unique abilities or appearances. Cosmetic items and accessories may also be available for purchase or unlock, allowing you to customize your chicken’s appearance.
  6. In-App Purchases: While the game is free to download and play, there may be optional in-app purchases available. These purchases could include cosmetic items, power-ups, or unlocking certain levels or characters. They are generally not required to progress in the game but can provide convenience or additional customization options for players who wish to support the developers.


Super Chicken Jumper is a delightful Android game that delivers an enjoyable platforming experience. Its intuitive controls, well-designed levels, charming graphics, and immersive sound make it a standout title in the genre. The game’s replayability, coupled with its competitive aspects, ensures that players will find themselves returning for more feathered fun time and time again. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated platforming enthusiast, Super Chicken Jumper is definitely worth a cluck!

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